Album: Wawa Palenque (split w/ five families) (2011)

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Song: Now and Forever

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lansdallions holdin' it down since 2000. one of the few bands that tries to keep hardcore fun but not gay at the same time. come to our shows and expect a good time, not a bunch of dorks doing karate.

We self-released 2 EPs and 2 split CDs. Nobody cared about vinyl when we were putting shit out, so we didn't bother. 3 tours saw us a small following but we mainly just played the Philly suburbs. Considered by punks to be too metal and by metal kids to be too punk, we never fit the molds various trends we outlasted. random shows are played.

the members of this band went on to play in such bands as Drop Anchor, Cetus, How It Ends, Reign Supreme, Palehorse, Strikeback, The Premier, Inane and the Wonder Years, among others.